With over twenty-five years combined experience providing audio direction, original music and sound assets as well as audio support for games, television and film, we treat every opportunity with extreme attention and care so that we can bring the very best quality to our clients. Based in Los Angeles, Dreamcraft Music and Sound is a boutique studio with established close knit partnerships throughout the industry. Here are services that we offer:

          Game Audio


Music composition, sound effects, VO direction and recording, audio implementation and more. 

  Original Soundtracks


Providing original and memorable cinematic music soundtracks in a variety of styles that are project specific. We also work with orchestras all over the world and frequently hire Hollywood's most in demand session musicians as needed. We have options for all budget levels.

       Audio Direction


We have taken a number of projects from inception, provided full audio support and staffing throughout post production to final delivery. We are happy to partner at all steps of the process.

         Sound Design


From menu and navigation design, environments, real or synthetic, cutting edge sound design is at the center of what makes a game come to life and brings an increased level of immersion.



Creative and successful integration of audio into your game engine is integral for a dynamically driven, unique audio experience. Some tools we work with are Wwise, FMOD, Unity and Unreal Engine.

        Virtual Reality


From ambisonics to Dolby Atmos mixing for ultra immersive 360 degree audio experiences.

            Voice Over


Full service VO, from casting, direction, recording and dialog editing. We'll make sure you have the perfect performance for your project.